Co-Chairman, RPA

Larry Postaer is renowned for communicating with a single word where most use a sentence. And a sentence where most use a paragraph. He is the consummate champion of the idea and of the written word.

Thirty years ago, Larry was asked to join Gerry Rubin in Needham Harper's Los Angeles office. This partnership with Rubin ultimately led to the founding of an independent RPA in 1986.

During his more than two-decade tenure as director of creative services at RPA, he oversaw Honda and Acura automobiles, ampm convenience stores, ARCO gas, La-Z-Boy, Blue Cross, Bugle Boy, Lands' End, Pioneer Electronics, American Century and the L.A. Kings.

In 1990, the Western States Advertising Agencies Association named Postaer and Rubin as their Leaders of the Year. The two were awarded the first-ever Lifetime of Leadership Award from the Los Angeles Advertising Agencies Association in 2003.

Before RPA, Postaer led the creative department at Needham/Los Angeles, guiding the California Lottery, Gallo wine, Crocker Bank, KABC Radio, the Disney Channel, Disney stores and Kubota tractor accounts.

The roots of Postaer's career, and life, are in Chicago. There he spent five years at Needham, Harper & Steers as SVP, Group Creative Director for McDonald's, Wrigley, State Farm and Anheuser-Busch (Busch beer and what eventually became Bud Light). His ad agency career began in 1962 at Stern, Walters & Simmons, where he was hired as a copywriter and promoted to creative director two years later.

Postaer is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. In 2010, he received the Missouri School of Journalism Medal for Distinguished Service.


Patriotic author with boyhood idol, Uncle Harry, circa 1941.

Stern, Walters & Simmons account exec Mike Miller, STP’s Andy Granatelli and Postaer on location at the Indy 500, 1969.

Postaer framed by the Chicago skyline, taken at Needham, Harper & Steers where he held the title of GCD, circa 1977.

Postaer's mentor, Keith Reinhard, sharing wisdom, 1980.

On location shooting a McDonald's San Diego Padre commercial with agency producers Helmut Dorger (far left), Gary Paticoff (currently executive producer at RPA), and Postaer, circa 1982.

Needham/Los Angeles client E.&J. Gallo Winery, on a break in the Gallo vineyards with the star of the commercial, the venerable Carlo Rossi, 1983.

Mr. Soichiro Honda playing sommelier—an unforgettable moment for Postaer.

Postaer pictured with Mr. Soichiro Honda, his wife and partner, Gerry Rubin.

"New Yorker" promotional campaign featuring Postaer. His son, Daniel, is in lower-left corner, 1988.

Postaer with creative team of Gary Yoshida and Bob Coburn at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, 1990.

Postaer's three sons at the 1997 Kelly Awards: Daniel, Steffan (the winner), "Pops" and Jeremy.
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